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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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making news in america this morning -- >> the president says we are at war with al qaeda. ordering stepped-up airport security, in what he calls a never-ending race to protect the country. deadly cold. americans brace for a frigid weekend. with snow from the central plains to upper florida. and shuffle reports that nbc is reversing course. returning jay leno to his old time slot. but where does that leave conan o'brien? >> it's friday, january 8th, 2010. good morning. and thanks for being with us. president obama is promising a new crackdown to patch up the gaping intelligence holes that
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led up to the failed christmas day bomb plot. >> as the suspected underwear bomber making his first appearance in detroit today, many americans are wondering how and why the intelligence community needs this crackdown in the first place. >> viviana hurtado joins us from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeremy. the president said this was not one person's, but a systemwide failure. the president assigned and took blame for the intelligence and security failures connected to the christmas day terror plot. >> ultimately, the buck stops with me. as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> reporter: later today, the alleged bomber is scheduled to be arraigned in a federal court. the declassified version of the president's security and intelligence report, points to agency failures that allowed abdulmutallab, come close to blowing up an airplane. conclusions from the review include, the government had
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sufficient information before the attack to disrupt the 23-year-old nigerian to prevent boarding the flight to detroit. the government's terror watchlist system failed. the president's top counterterrorism chief took responsibility and pledged to do better. >> i told the president today, i let him down. >> reporter: the review prompted a presidential order to improve intelligence-gathering and sharing among the federal agencies, including the cia, the state department, and homeland security. >> rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> reporter: the improvements target airport security screening, the visa system, and expanding terror watch and no-fly lists. and the orders of president -- the change that the president ordered could take years to implement. but mr. obama made clear he wants them to take effect immediately. jeremy and vinita? >> viviana hurtado in washington with the latest.
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thank you. flights want congress to help them deal with in-flight threats. they are asking for enforcement of the size of carry-on bags. they want sofl defense training, as well. and wireless communication system that allow them to stay in touch with each other and the crew. they say the government should pay for those changes. the other big story this morning, the arctic blast bringing dangerous cold from the rockies to the deep south. it's being blamed for 15 deaths in the past week. >> more people were killed in southwest ohio yesterday, when a tanker truck was out of control on a highway. it collided with a small bus carrying special-needs passengers. >> the deep freeze is tightening its grip on the south. as windchills fall below zero, churches and homeless shelters in texas are filling up. and the zoo is using heaters and special lamps to keep the animals warm. in florida, butterflies were in need of protection against
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the cold. 10,000 of them were moved from their sanctuary. and floridians are stocking up on hots, scarves and anything to help them bundle up. what can you expect for the weekend? raychel harvey-jones has the forecast. >> jeremy, vinita, thank you for that. unusually cold weather affecting the southeast. it's really bringing more of a wintry mix from charlotte to new orleans. it's starting off as rain. but the tail end of this will bring some snow. parts of i-20 will be impacted. we're not ruling out the fact that parts of northern florida could actually see some snow, as we head into the weekend. pretty rare. this system is moving quicker than we thought. but we'll be watching out for that at the lake-effect off lake earrie. d.c. looking for two inches of snow. but not as heavy as the storm we saw in december. jeremy, vinita, it's back to you. >> we'll have much more on the
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weather later on "good morning america." our sam champion will be live in chicago. police say a gunman who killed at least three men in a workplace shooting pam rage in st. louis was in the middle of a pension dispute. the gunman was a disgruntled worker, timothy hendren. hendren took his own life. he worked at the company abb for two decades and had filed a lawsuit against his employer because of pension losses. a new twist this morning in a desperate search for a missing 8-month-old baby boy. the mother insists she killed the baby after a bitter custody dispute with the father. as brad wheelis reports, they are focusing their investigation in an entirely new direction. >> reporter: the investigation into the disappearance of baby gabriel is widening. police in arizona are now calling a couple who wanted to adopt the baby persons of interest. >> there's information that they may not be bh telling us everything they know. >> reporter: jack and terri
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smith say why they were likely the last to see him, they do not know his whereabouts. and they are ready and willing to cooperate with police. the mother now in custody, has offered few clues to help find him. the baby's father says this is a bizarre and tragic mystery. he refused to sign paper to put the baby up for adoption. with the court granting him legal custody of gabriel, mcqueary said he started getting horrifying text messages from elizabeth, now on the run with the baby. >> she said you will never see your son again. >> reporter: elizabeth was discovered then arrested in florida, for interfering with a child custody order. but there was no sign of gabriel. to detectives, elizabeth denied harming the baby, saying the threats were only to harm her boyfriend. instead, she gave the 8-month-old to a random couple
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she met in a texas park. brad wheelis, abc news, los angeles. a health care overhaul could save money and create up to 400 jobs a year. this reflects a study by harvard and usc, saying reforms would slow medical costs. but conservatives insist it would drive up costs and kill jobs. robert gates is expected to stay in his position for at least another year. a pentagon spokesman said gates and president obama made an agreement last month. gates is the most prominent member of the bush administration to remain with the obama white house. coming up this morning, what might be jay leno' last laugh. new reports that nbc is giving up its primetime experiment. and high tide. college football's newest national champion. did you rinse this morning?
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we well, we'll find out this morning if the economy added jobs for the first time in two years, when the government releases the december jobs report. the consensus is that another 8,000 jobs were eliminated last month, while the unemployment rate ticked up to 10.1%. but some economists believe jobs were created for the first time since december 2007. well, december turned out to be a solid finish to a rough year for retailers. sales were up nearly 3% last month, rebounding from the biggest decline in at least four decades. a wide range of stores reported increases from a year ago, including target and macy's. many retailers even raised their profit outlook for the quarter. those upbeat retail reports
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are helping boost stocks this morning. nshg nshg climbed more than 1% today. hong kong's hang seng is slightly higher. in london, the ftse opened higher. wall street starts the dow with the highest level in 15 months. the benchmark closed at 10,606. the nasdaq slipped 1 point to close at an even 2100. executives at bank of america could collect bonuses close to before the economic crisis. the big payouts are to prevent top people from leaving. but b of a was aided with taxpayer money before returning it last month. the nation's airlines are doing a better job of getting where they're going on time. a record 88.6% of flights arrived on time in november. but that came at a cost. the airlines were helped by a decline in travelers, which left runways less crowded. the teyo to toyota prius was
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the top-selling car in japan last year. up next, funny business. jay leno jokes about the rumors that his primetime days are over. and have you seen this man? the search is on for the person who slipped past airport security, leading to delays for thousands. so. how were your holidays? eating, to new year' lots of mom's ich food. i do love to cook! but now i'm feeling sluggish.irregular,/ that was me. but now i'm eating better plus activia every morning. activia with bifidus regularis i feel great./ helps regulate your digetive system in two weeks./ worked for your mom. take the activia challenge. it works, or it's free. mmm. this will be easy./ ♪ activia
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chicago, detroit and most of the east coast, from boston down to orlando. well, rumors are flying this morning about a schedule shakeup at nbc. one that will likely end the risky jay leno in primetime experiment. the new plan, under consideration reportedly, giving leno a 30-minute show at 11:35 p.m. and pushing conan o'brien's "tonight show," back to 12:05 a.m. as for leno, he thinks all the talk is just that. wink, wink. >> i don't think there's truth to the rumor. nbc only cancels you when you're in first place. so, we're fine. >> it appears nbc will make its move next month when the schedule is upended because of the winter olympics. a grainy surveillance video could be the key to uncovering the identity of a mystery man, whose security breach created six hours of utter chaos at newark airport on sunday. jim dolan has details. >> reporter: someone is going to recognize that man in the light-colored sports coat. maybe not by himself. but put him side-by-side, the
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woman in the distinctive white coat, and it's really just a matter of time. the police want him. and so do the thousands of passengers whose flights were delayed when he slipped past security on sunday night. >> it was clearly a lapse in security. >> reporter: it's a few minutes after 5:00, when we first see the man with the sports coat, hanging out at the security checkpoint. at one point, the officer tells him to move along. he only moves a few chance president ap 5:20, the officer gets up, steps away from the podium. and the man gets up to talk to the woman in the white coat. then, at 5:31, he slips through the security strap. and they go smilingly into the secure area of the airport. the officer doesn't come back for another minute, unaware of the breach. when the security is made aware, the terminal is locked down and thousands are stuck. now, everyone wants to know who
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that man is. >> turn yourself in. do the country a favor. you may pay a price. but you committed what essentially is a crime. and you're going to pay a heavy price for it. come out, my friend. come out here now. and tell us what you had in mind. >> reporter: once that officer stepped away from his post, this -- this is all that stood between him and a terminal full of airplanes. >> all the money that's been spent for tsa upgrades that we can't put up some kind of barrier, that will augment the person standing there. >> reporter: in other words, this guy stepped under a rope. why just a rope? >> exactly. >> reporter: as for the officer, she's been suspended. if it were up to lautenberg -- >> he'd be out of there. new jersey lawmakers have rejected a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage. the vote was 20-14, ze feeting the measure. gay marriage advocates will have to take their case to the
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new jersey supreme court. they were hoping the lawmakers would pass the law before the governor's term ends on january 19th. the incoming goffer opposes same-sex marriage. there's new evidence in the tylenol murder scare nearly three decades old. james lewis has been ordered to turn over dna samples. several people died when taking cyanide-laced tylenol capsules in 1982. lewis was tied to the deaths. but he always maintained he was not the murderer. in, perhaps, a sign of the times, the couple that crashed the white house state dinner will now profit from their new-found fame. the salahis will reportedly be paid $5,000 to headline a las vegas party next weekend. college football's crown belongs to alabama this morning. the crimson tide beat the texas longhorns in the bcs title game. j.w. stewart has the highlights. >> thank you and good morning. a national champion was crowned
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on thursday night. bcs title game. the rose bowl in pasadena. colt mccoy and texas, against heisman trophy winner, mark ingram. and longhorn, vince young, on the same field. first quarter, colt mccoy gets hurt running the option. have a look at marcel darius, his helmet hits mccoy in the shoulder. x-rays were negative. but mccoy said his arm went dead. he couldn't feel it. so, the longhorns went to garrett gilbert at quarterback. ingram, giving alabama the 7-6 lead. eight minutes later in the first half. trent richardson, off to the races. 109 yards and 2 touchdowns. as alabama rushed for 205 yards against the number 1 rush defense in the nation. final seconds first half, key play here. texas tries a shovel pass. it's deflected and picked off by marcel darius, the same guy that
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knocked colt mccoy out of the game. he was the differencemaker. gilbert brings the longhorns back. here he is in the fourth quarter, to jordan shipley, who caught two touchdowns. it's a three-point game after the two-point conversion. but alabama won this game with defense. eric anders sacks gilbert. the fumble, recovered by the crimson tide. they scored a couple more times. put this away, 37-21. they run the table and finish undefeated. claim the national championship. that will do it for this update. back to you in new york. and up next, the stories we'll be following today, including coast-to-coast birthday toasts to the king. the chevy malibu and toyota camry received 5 star crash safety ratings. but only malibu has onstar. big deal. i'll just use my phone. let's say we crashed. whoops, you lost your phone and you're disoriented. i'm not disoriented.
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with the special k challenge. you can have the cereal you love and so much more. design your delicious vtory platoday... when you visit ♪ now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this friday. the man behind the failed christmas day bomb plot makes his first appearance in a detroit court today. the nigerian-born suspect is set for arraignment on charges that could put him away for life. today's report on december unemployment could show an economic turnaround. analysts predict a slight reversal in the job market, for the first time since the recession began. in recent months, the unemployment rate has remained around 10%. and unemployment will be one of the issues that president
4:54 am
obama will be discussing when he speaks out about the economy later this afternoon. the president is expected to outline ways in this his administration is trying to turn around the economy. a frigid weekend in store for much of the country, with three dozen states under winter weather warnings. parts of florida could see light snow by this morning. and photo exhibits of elvis presley opened today in washington and los angeles on what would have been the star's 75th birthday. thousands of fans are also expected at graceland today. and in the small mississippi town where he was born back in 1935. >> that, of course, his big aloha from hawaii concert that so many people watched across the world. coming up later on "good morning america," we'll have been in depth look at president obama's response o to the missteps leading up to the chris mass day bombing attempt. >> former mayor, rudy giuliani weighs in on the marching orders for the intelligence community. for some of you, your local news is up next. >> and for everyone else,
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 somehow blankets the area overnight, and road crews works hard to make your commute a safe one. the current city council president discusses her biggest challenge as she prepares to take over as mayor. the buck stops here. the president takes on terrorism while holding government officials accountable. good morning, it's friday. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. howard county is on a two-hour delay this morning. let's get right to weather because that's a big story. justin? >> all right. i know that's good news for a lot of teachers and students out there. we're just before 5:00 and we have a few more hours of the winter weather advisory.
4:59 am
we've got until 8:00 until this advisory expires. on average, 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground. most of the snow has already ended. this is pretty much on par with what we had thought. most of the main roads are clear. there are some side streets that still have to be taken carech, but at least on a lot of our commutes in to work it appears things are easy to handle. most of the snow has ended. there is a leftover snow shower that looks like it's trying to push through right now in carroll county and westminster. the snow had come to an end about a half hour ago. it looks like parkton and jarrettsville is making a return. there's that possibility we could have another dusting or half inch pushed out of that. 46 degrees right now many bel air. we're expecting temperatures to more than to about freezing. let's see what's happening on the roads here


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